Our Projects


Weaver Capital continue to deliver unique consulting engagements in both the business process as well as financial space. This ensures that we deliver unique and profitable value on every engagement - which suports your business process and projects with tailored solutions.


Below is a list of both completed projects as case studies as well as a listing of some current projects we are consulting on:


Case studies on some completed projects


Click on the Links below for downloadable case studies:


Africa Funding

Case study on consulting to BCX - Nasua and NEC/XON

Global Solutions

Case Study on consulting to United Kingdom utilities company

Mining Acquizition

Case study on consulting to Liketh Coal and the Msobo Consortum

Business Consulting

Case Study on consulting to Safika

Project Funding

Case Study on consulting to City Connect B-wired and the City broad band project

Process Flow

Case Study on accceleration of the EduLoan student application process

Process Flow - 1

Case Study on accelaration of the SANAS national acceditation system

Armaments - Africa funding solution

Case study on the funding solution for armaments to African government

Asset Finance - Rental book

Case study on the evelopment of a rental book for One.Com

Process Consulting - ISO

Case Study on process consulting and ISO 27001 acceditation for G-Soc

Process Consulting - GIBS

Case Sudy on forms recognition solution at GIBS

Strategy consulting - SHARP

Case study on the strategy consulting for SHARP

Asset finance - JD Group

Case study on the asset finance arranged for JD group for One.Com

Asset Finance - Gauteng Government

Case Study on asset finance arrangement on behalf of Safika for Gauteng government

Commodity trading - Chrome

Case study on the Weaver activities in the chrome commodity industry


Current Project Engagements


Tools Distributor

Weaver Capital is consulting on a tools distributor - Active in 7 African companies - for acquisition by an Empowerment group. This entails structuring, expansion trategies and funding acquisition.



Technology Company - Trade and acquisition finance


Weaver Capital is working with a growing Technology group - in both rightsizing trade finance - as well as in leverage finance for new acquisitions to build ther acquisition strategy.


Manufacturing Company


Weaver Capital is working with a company involved in the establishment of a unique manufacturing facility - providsing both trade finance - development funding - and long term senior debt funding


Leisure Company


Weaver Capital is working with a Leisure company in the establishment of a partnership with a global group - expanding in Hotel investments - as well as in the leveraged acquisition of a large hotel investment.


Opperational Capital - Commodities


Weaver Capital is working with a large commodity company in the arrangement of Trade finance for minerals export - as well as in the establishment and mezanine funding of a large Smelter complex


Our Partners in Capital and busines Services

Weaver Capital partner with exceptional entities that support our business vission and allow for the expansion of our customer contacts, to esure not just business growth - but also to deliver value through qualified partners with well vetted companies they serve to develop unique projects that meet their customer expectations. Similarly we parther on broader opportunities that deliver value to our costomers and create value for both entities. Partner companies include:


Redefined Capital


Our relationship with Redefined Capital is based on their broad contacts with a market they service through a sister company in financial systems, as well as a broad relationship with many of the leading enterprises in South Africa. 

Our relationship extend to also reviewing specifically BBBEE opportunities for investment by Redefined in partnership with our services for specific large scale opportunities - leveraging focused funding to which Redefined has access.








Our Partners in Insurance services


Our relationship with Bluestar and Diligo Pario is based on the provission of Insurance solutions combined with the financial structuring to ensure effective risk cover in acquisitions and cross border financing

The Dilligo Pario team of financial experts is authorised by Sanlam to provide you with essential financial advice, steeped in years of expertise, across a wide range of solutions. Through their tailor-made offerings, They are committed to helping you achieve the financial freedom you've been working towards since day one.