Who We Are

Weaver Capital is a specialist providor of unique funding solutions - coupled with a portfolio in Commodity trading - as well as active technical consulting that is paired with our financial consultants to create solutions that uniquely suit your business.

We partner with many unique partners to ensure we meet legaslitive and customer requirements.


Weaver Capital Profile

Our History

2005- 2009

Founded as IdeaSource with Specific consulting focus on Knowledge management and document management as well as proces consulting, and develop key financial solutions

2010 - 2014

Projects consitently need capital - and with our successfull arrangement into many mega projects, and devloping financial solutions - the company name changed to Weaver Capital


Consult on various acquisition projects and expand the acquisition and project consulting business, and establish the commodity  trading busines with specific emphasis on Chrome


Expand the consulting busness in Financial solutions - and create global expansion in Europe and Australia

A history of success


Weaver Capital consulted on many succesful projects that span multiple industries that include:


  • Financial Services
  • Construction
  • Mining
  • Armaments
  • Telecom
  • Information Technology
  • Many others

Read more on real world case studies in our case studies page by following the link below:


The Best Professionals


Chris Scholtz

CEO of Weaver Capital, providing clear business strategies to ensure business success


Trevor Lake

COO of Weaver Capital with focus on business Consulting and process engineering - MBA


Uwe Krohnert

Associate Director of Weaver Capital - a qualified financial and legal expert - responsible for business definition and due dillegence to qualify opportunities.


Ramon Meiring

Sales Director of Weaver Capital - driving our sales and marketing efforts - with clear consulting skills in the process evironment